Microbe Plush Stuffed Toy for Education (9 Inches)

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Microbe Plush Stuffed Toy for Education (9 Inches)

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  • MICROBE PLUSH: Do snot worry that he doesn't have a smile, you sure will after cuddling with this adorable microbe plush toy
  • EDUCATIONAL TOOL: Microbe plush makes a great educational tool for teachers, parents, and health professionals to teach kids and students the importance of good hygiene and how to stay healthy
  • HIGH QUALITY: Don't let his frown turn your day upside down, this cute microbe plushy is made of huggable and soft polyester
  • DIMENSIONS: Stuffed plushy measures approximately 9 inches
  • ASIN: B0876N5PZG

Have you been sick and wished you had a companion by your side? Well, it's snot every day you get to cuddle up with a microbe. This adorable purple and blue microbe stuffed animal is sure to bring a smile to anyone's face. It is also perfect for teachers, health professionals, and parents to use as an educational tool for kids to bring awareness to certain conditions.

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