Pregnancy Announcement Scratch Off Cards, Fake Lottery Ticket Scratcher Replicas (30 Pack)

Barcode: 194425292017

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  • Baby Announcement Scratch Off Cards: These replica lottery ticket scratchers feature a realistic design and generic lottery text such as “super jackpot,” “your winning symbols,” and “your prize”
  • What’s Included: This pack comes with 30 baby surprise announcement cards
  • The Perfect Size: Each pregnancy announcement card measures 4 x 6 inches
  • Card Material: These pregnancy scratch off announcement cards are made with a white card material and a scratch layer
  • Easy to Use: The scratch off symbols are simple and easy to understand for kids and adults alike; consult the back of the cards for instructions
  • ASIN: b0922fm3wr
Product description

Reveal the big news to family and friends using this set of pregnancy lottery ticket announcement cards! These scratch off paper cards feature a realistic scratcher design with a light blue theme and common lottery ticket text such as “your prize.” Each baby announcement card measures 4 x 6 inches and is made with a high-quality white card material. There are also different symbols included under the scratch layer such as a heart, a clover, a strawberry, and a diamond. The game was designed for everyone to easily understand and to participate in. Players can consult the back of the card for helpful instructions. There are 30 cards included in this pack.


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